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In 2019, ~800k Australians had ADHD. The total cost of ADHD in Australia in that year was $20.4billion (that includes financial cost of $12.8billion and wellbeing losses of $7.6billion). Productivity losses due to ADHD are also substantial at $10.2billion.

  • Deloitte Access Economics The social and economic costs of ADHD in Australia July 2019, 1-53.

A review of PBS and RPBS listed medicine used in the management of ADHD from 2013-17 found,

  • The number of patients on medicines has risen at a yearly average growth rate of 9.9%.
  • Males were treated more than females.
  • Most commonly used was Ritalin LA.
  • Children aged 6-12years compromised over 40% of all patients treated with ADHD medicines. Around 2/3rd of patients supplied PBS ADHD medicines were < 18 years.