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All bookings in April will be kept as per usual

At this stage, all bookings in April will be kept as per usual, however Dr Karande will prefer to consult via Telehealth whenever possible. We would use platforms like Zoom for the same or others for the same. If you are attending Telehealth consultation, we would encourage you to download Zoom application on your laptop or phone beforehand and add the meeting ID as ‘895-473-2176’ after clicking join meeting.

We understand that it often can be difficult to establish and maintain rapport, engagement, and cooperation from children during Telehealth consultation. Hence, we would be predominantly be depending on you to provide an insight on their difficulties. We would encourage you to take videos of your child and/ or pictures of their work to evidence their difficulties wherever possible. Unfortunately, Telehealth consultation come with its limitation like initial consultation for children younger than 6 years especially while performing assessments requiring face to face interaction. In these situations where physical presence is deemed necessary, Dr Karande will see the patient at our clinic, provided you agree and are comfortable to do so.