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  • Suite 1, Level 1, Medical Centre, SJOG Hospital

Attending face to face consultation at our clinic

If you are attending face to face consultation at our clinic, please note the following:
• Please notify us prior to your appointment if you or your child have been unwell with fever, cough, cold, breathlessness, headache, fatigue etc. We may have to postpone the appointment or explore alternative arrangements in these situations.
• Please use supplied hand sanitiser available on the wall while you enter the clinic on arrival AND departure. This will be available DURING consult also.
• Please be mindful of social distancing at all times – chairs have been spaced out for this purpose. One parent would be preferable with the child whenever possible for same reasons.
• All toys and books have been removed from the practice as these are common source of spread of infection. However, please bring some toys or books of your own that your child can play with. We would encourage you to wash them with alcohol sanitiser or soap water at home post your child’s appointment.
• As our secretary is working from home, Dr Karande will be the only other person you will be near at the time of consult.
• Please have a seat and wait for Dr Karande to call you through.
• You don’t have to wait to pay at the end of the consult as we would email you an invoice with our bank details included and book your follow appointment as needed.