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Perth CDC during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Dear Parents and Carers,
We are committed to provide high quality service for betterment of your child’s well-being. As you are aware, the recent unprecedented situation due to COVID 19 pandemic has led government to take drastic measures to prevent spread of infection in the community. The measures include closing our international, interstate and regional borders, closing schools, prohibiting large gatherings, self-quarantine and social distancing. This has placed us and other businesses in a difficult situation. We anticipate that these precautions would have to be taken for at least next 2-3 months or till things are safer for all the businesses to run as usual.

Yes, we are still consulting with some changes in the way we would operate during this unpredictable time. We value all our patients and their health. It is of high importance that we follow recommended procedures to reduce risk of infection.