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Head shape issues in newborns

Moulding – Baby’s skull is formed by different bones which are not fused at birth. Positioning of the baby in mothers pelvis may result in moulding, a temporary asymmetry of the skull caused by overlapping or overriding of the sutures. This usually remodels naturally and does not need any intervention.
Plagiocephaly – Plagiocephaly is flattening of skull on one spot due to persistent pressure over that spot. More often it is result of shortening or tightening of one side neck muscles which leads to babies favoring that side. This leads to constant pressure on one spot on their skull while lying on it, which then flattens over time. In some instances, flat head can instead be the cause for babies to favor one side leading to muscles tightening on that side. Good thing about this condition is that we can still remodel the skull shape if we work on it early as the skull bones are still not fused. Babies who have significantly flattened head can have mild coordination difficulties after wards which may not be obvious to casual observer. Main stay to treatment is to ensure neutral head position, regular neck exercises, and tummy time to relieve the pressure from that spot.